Payment Processing Articles

This Payment Processing Articles section includes the most important and popular posts taken out of our Blog section.  These articles were written with a passion to help answer the important questions that the majority of Business Owners that contacted us had about Payment Processing.  Questions that virtually no other company in Canada, or their exclusive Sales Agents want to give clear answers to.  Just CLICK the highlighted title that interests you to get the full article.

Why Does My Credit Matter When Getting a Merchant Account?

When and Why do Credit Card Rates Get Raised on Business Owners?

What are the 10 Things that Credit Card Processors consider when you apply for a Merchant Account?

Why is Credit Card Acceptance So Much More Expensive than Debit Acceptance?

Are The Credit Cards That are Swiped at Your Business Created Equal?

How Do I Estimate My Volume as a New Business?

Is Payment Processing Even Necessary for a New Business?

How Many Payment Processors are there in Canada and How is Everyone Connected to Them?

Do Credit Card Processors Want to Make Things Simple for Business Owners?

What are Chargebacks and More Importantly “Excessive” Chargebacks?

What are the Different Ways to Prevent Chargebacks?

How do Credit Card Processors Monitor Risk?

Can I Sell My Future Debit & Credit Card Sales for a Cash Advance Straight into My Business Account?

Is Accepting American Express Important for My Business?

How Can Gift & Loyalty Cards Make My Business More Profitable?

Watch Out For These Tactics!

Unethical Marketing Occuring in Payment Processing/Acceptance Industry Part 1

Unethical Marketing Occuring in Payment Processing/Acceptance Industry Part 2

Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips

Prohibited Types of Businesses That Will Not Get Approved for a Regular Merchant Account

How Do I Get a Low Rate Merchant Account?

How Do I Get The Best Deal for a Merchant Account?

How Do I Get Merchant Account Services?