Unethical Marketing…! Part 2

I just wanted to post about two business owners that contacted me recently.  My point in this is not to embarass anyone (I never name anyone/ any company in regards to negative), but to show that nothing in life is free and when it comes to the important aspects of your business, look for quality, service and competitive pricing.  If you just look at pricing, then there are companies out there will give you dirt cheap pricing and you will get an avalanche of headaches and frustration.  Clearly not worth it.

The first business is a large lunch truck company with 20 cellular (full-mobile) terminals looking to change providers.

Why?  They are roped into a 90mth “Free Placement” program where they don’t have to pay for the terminals.  20 ‘FREE Terminals’!  Do you believe that?  What if someone offered you a free computer? How about 20 laptops?  What would your reaction be?

2-3 terminals would have problems each week because all 20 were old, fixed up terminals.

Their current provider is charging them paper every month and not shipping it they any.  They are getting charged over 25cents per transaction!  You do the math on $5-$8 sandwich and pop sales.  Over 2% for $8avg sale amounts!  And all kinds of hidden fees!


A second company was an English pub with food. They got a $20/mth terminal and 6cents/debit transaction.  What a deal right???

What’s the catch?  Well…, the terminal was 3 models older than any current model, it was refurbished, so broke down all the time, losing money for the owner in customer downtime.  The business had to do over 2000 debits/mth to actually pay 6cents.  They got a $300 signing bonus to sign with this provider.  What they didn’t know was that there was a $500-$800 cancellation fee that this particular company took people to court for.

When business owners stop looking at the whole picture and get fixed on price, there will be unethical companies that prey on that need to have rock bottom prices.  You will always get what you paid for.

Work with professionals who give you all the information upfront.  Who let you call their supportdesk to test it’s efficiency.  Who have testimonies for no nonsense service.  Quality and good pricing.  Not rock bottom, but you won’t be stressed and you will be able to focus your energy on making your business more profitable.

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