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Here are some examples of some unethical tactics by some Point Of Sale companies in Canada.

1 low appearing rates, but with 25c per transaction fees

2 cheap machine w/ either only 1yr warranty or annual membership of $200-$300 (that’s $17-$25more/mth)

3 debit min’s of $10-$20. Ex. you do 100debit/mth for 10c each= $10.

If you have a $20/mth debit min., then you will have to do 200debit/mth for an actually 10c/debit cost.

If it’s 8c promised then you have to do 250debits/mth to actually pay 8c.

4 give you a low rate based on your total volume of Ex.,$15 000, not your actual estimate of $4500 (30% of total volume).

In this example, you’ll get a low rate for $15k of credit cards, but will actually do less than a third.  You will get your rates raised on you, because you got better rates than your volume is supposed to give you.

Come and get a free no obligation quote here at CanadaPaymentProcessing.com and get EVERY SINGLE FEE & MINIMUM LISTED in your first email contact.There are ‘business associations’ out there that claim ‘low rates’.  This example is from one of my prospective customers who were just lured away with promises of ‘low rates’.

She just paid $235 membership/yr to get ‘low rates’.  That’s EVERY YEAR!That’s an extra $19.58/mth for ‘membership’.

Based on her estimated $2700/mth in credit card volume, because that would be 30% of her $9000 estimated total volume/mth (with a less than $100 per average sale amount).

That’s .72% more than what I quoted her at 1.85%.

Which is actually 2.37%, not 1.65% like the business association advertised.

We haven’t even talked about what they will charge her for non qualified rates. I quoted her 1% more. They may charge 1.5%-1.89% on top of her current rate for non-qualified transactions.

They may even charge her more than the 10cents per transaction that I quoted her.

This is not her fault.  Some of these companies prey on people’s needs to have the cheapest pricing.  They know that no one will give you proper advice for fear of losing business and that most people will zero in on a particular aspect of pricing, not the complete picture.

Contact us to get quality advice from people who understand and want to educate business owners about this industry. It will save you a lot of headaches. You will NOT find most of the information contained in this HOT TOPICS BLOG anywhere else in Canada.

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