Types of Processing

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Debit Card ProcessingCredit Card Payment

For retail businesses that have Customers pay face to face.  Works like a money transfer from the Customer’s account to the Business Owner’s account.

Credit Card Processing

For retail businesses that have customers pay face to face, or for non- retail businesses that have card not present situations.  A Customer pays by credit card and leaves with the purchased product or service. The Credit Card Processor of the business pays the Business Owner 1-2bus days later, then the Processor gets their money from the Customer’s card company 30 days later.  In essence, almost like short term lending because the Credit Card Processor is extending the Business Owner credit for the purchased product/service before getting paid by the Customer’s card company.

PC & Internet Processing

Processing credit cards on the secure servers of the Credit Card Processor from any computer/ laptop with internet access.  Great for mobility, and for non-traditional businesses (unlike traditional storefront/retail/business to consumer type businesses), who don’t require face to face interaction with their Customers.

Also can be used as a non-automated way of processing website transactions.  A Customer fills out a form on a business owner’s website in order to make a purchase.  A Sales Representative calls the Customer back to confirm and upsell the order.  Then the Rep does the transaction manually on their computer with internet access while talking to the Customer.  This is for businesses that need more control of the sales process or do not require automation.

E-Commerce/Website Processing

Processing Customer credit card purchases on a website for the business, then the business fulfills the purchase order made, and paid by the Customer.  Processing is fully automated in this situation because the buy button of the Business Owner’s website is connected to the Credit Card Processor’s Systems.

Phone Authorisation/MOTO Processing

Processing credit cards from any phone or mobile phone by dialing a 1-800# connected to the Credit Card Processor, and then entering the Merchant ID#, the purchase amount, the card number and expiry date.