Credit Card Terminals

What does Credit Card Processing do for my business?

Credit Card Processing allows businesses to sell products and services to Customers who don’t have money on them, but have a credit card.  This increases your volume compared to not accepting credit cards.  This increases spending because of impulse buying.

How does it work?

If you charge 10 customers today at $100 each, then your total credit card sales will be $1000 today.  The credit card processor that processes for your business will deposit that amount minus their fees into your bus account in 1-2bus days.

Then they will get their $1000 from Your 10 Different Customer’s Credit Card Companies in 30 days or more.  How much is that in 20-30days of business?

What people usually don’t understand is that the company that processes the business’ customers’ cards IS NOT THE SAME as the companies and banks that issue the cards to the customers.

What does a Credit Card Machine or Terminal do for my business?

A Credit Card Machine is needed for a business to swipe a Customer credit card. Check that the credit is available and make the authorisation. This usually takes less than 15 seconds from swiping to receipt printing. This provides convenience to your Customer, so that they don’t go to your competitor if they don’t have cash on them.

Are they easy to use?

Yes. You simply swipe your Customer’s credit card. Then punch in the purchase amount wait for the receipt to print. Give one to your Customer to sign, so that you can keep and one for your Customer.

Why are there so many types?

Different terminals are usually used for different types of business or situations.

  • Dial-Up Terminal– are good for most businesses. Dial-Up terminals work with an analog phone or fax or data line. Most small businesses just share a fax line with their terminal or their phone line. Dial-Up terminals will not work with digital phone systems. Can even be used as a mobile unit if your type of business is one where your Customers will trust you enough to use their phone line for the duration of a transaction.retailprocessing
  • IP (Hi-Speed) Terminal– are good for businesses that need speed. Less than 5-6second to do a transaction. Works with a Hi-Speed internet connections- DSL or CABLE with a Dial-Up option in case your internet is down.
  • If you are anticipating long line ups, then get an IP terminal so that you can make the customer purchasing experience quick and convenient.
  • A second reason for IP is that you have multiple cash registers, so that you only need one hi-speed connection for as many devices as you need including computers, instead of paying for multiple phone lines or tying up a shared phone line.
  • Cellular (Mobile/ Wireless) Terminal– are good for mobile businesses. If you have to get payment from Customers on the spot and you are not in a traditional stationary location, then you’ll need a Cellular Terminal.

Can I get debit card acceptance on my machine?

Yes.  Having debit will offset your credit card processing costs because with debit, since it’s a straight money transfer, you will only pay for the cost of the transaction, which is usually 10cents.

When do I get my money?

Next bus day for debit card transactions, and 1-2 bus days for credit card transactions.

What are do these Point of Sale and their Credit Card Processors look for to approve the application?

If you are leasing, then good credit or $10more/mth for poor or no credit history.

For credit cards, then read this.

How do I get started?

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Do you have any pictures and technical specs of the  credit card terminals/ machines that your suppliers use?


Scroll on the name of the product, then the corresponding picture on the right will appear, CLICK THE NAME, and you will go to a page with a larger image with the detailed specs.

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