PC & Internet Processing From Any Computer or Laptop w/ Internet

PC & Internet  Payment Processing (also known as a virtual terminal) is useful for businesses that are not the traditional store/ retail model.  A business may be a wholesale supplier to a limited number of retailers, or a type of service business where there are agents of the business who go out to see customers and get payment from customers.

Here are some examples:

  • manufacturing or distribution businesses (B2B, not business to consumers)
  • importing and exporting manufactured goods
  • door to door canvasing businesses or models with a central office and agents of the company that go out to see customers
  • print ad advertisers
  • home tutorial services
  • appliance cleaning and repair services
  • driving schools
  • office or home-based models who do business over the phone or even manually take/ confirm/ upsell orders over the phone from website customers.

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These businesses usually have customer invoices that have the customer sign on the invoice- authorisation of charging their credit card for the amount owed, or for re-occuring billing. These invoices are either faxed, scan and emailed or hand delivered by agents of the company.

Most businesses that use a PC & Internet System take orders or re-orders over the phone or fax, instead of the traditional store model.

Some businesses that use a PC & Internet System like the flexibility and mobility of processing major credit card transactions from any computer/ laptop/ with an internet connection.  Credit Card Processors have NOT FORMATTED this option for use on cellphones/ PDAs yet.

Because the customer is not physically present during payment processing of their credit card, these users of PC & Internet Payment Processing Systems usually pay 2.25% and up.  PC & Internet Systems are priced slightly higher than MOTO/phone authorisation systems and lower than physical dial-up terminal systems with the exception of the non-card present rates.

The disadvantage is there is usually no debit acceptance or very costly to have a USB Pinpad that you can attach to your computer/laptop, however, with the above mentioned business models, it is the way their situations are, so it’s no big deal not accepting debit.

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