Local Search Marketing

Are you familiar with Local Search Marketing?  How would you like your business to pop up in multiple spots in the search engines when people are searching for products/ services that you provide in your city?  Especially when people are now searching around the clock from iPhones, Blackberries, Netbooks & laptops.

For example, the phrase “contractors vancouver”  was typed into Google over 4000 times per month (last checked in oct2009)!  “contractor vancouver” was typed in over 2000.  If you are a contractor living and servicing Customers in Vancouver, then how would you like to dominate the 1st page of Google of search results for just those two keywords?  We haven’t even counted the searchers on Bing/ Yahoo yet.

Would your business increase when those 6000+ people land on that page each month?  How many of those people would contact you if you were one of the menu choices on Page One?  How many of those callers could you turn into paying Customers?  Would those same people EVER see your competition on page 2 and beyond?  See for yourself for “contractor (s) vancouver”

It’s like taking a magic marker to everyone’s yellow directory in your local area and crossing off every competitor’s ad/ listing.  This is what we’ll essentially be doing for you online.   Imagine how much Your Business will EXPLODE!!!local search marketing

How is this program Different than other Local Online Marketing Companies?

  • Web properties that will get your phone ringing will have multi-media elements, and this will be a multi- channel online marketing strategy for Your Business including articles, videos and Social Media, etc., etc.  Methods will vary, but results will be the only thing that matters.  90% of other companies only work on 1-3 keywords and on one web property ONLY & they’ll nickel & dime you on every little thing that they do.
  • NO CONTRACTS, NO CANCELLATION FEES, Month to Month billing, ONLY PAY FOR RESULTS!  Other companies lock you in for 1-3yrs.  Why get locked in if you’re not getting results FAST?
    NONE OF THESE HERE: set up/ consultation fees, design fees, video production fees, article writing fees, article submission fees to dozens of online directories, website construction, hosting costs, domain name costs, no keyword/ competition research fees,  no billable hours, etc., etc.
  • You will get monthly detail traffic reports.  Trackable Results- what a concept! Try that with traditional print media or online directories.  How much do you currently pay to market & advertise your business?  How much time do you spend doing this part of your business?
  • Other local search marketing companies don’t have any results of other Clients or testimonials to post on their websites.   And if they do, there will only be 2-4, not over a dozen like ours.
  • We will show you HOW TO DO ALL OF THIS For FREE through our website/ email tutorials if you have the time and inclination OUTSIDE of running your daily Business.  COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY.  *COMING SOON… full day “Do It Yourself” workshops.  We’ll give you all the knowledge if you want.
  • Traffic Generation to your business regardless of whether you have a website or not!  All the different web properties that we get you preferred rankings for multiple keyword phrases will have your contact # and email address on them.  It will all lead to YOU!


  • The GOAL here is get you 3-4 preferred rankings on Google’s 1st page results for 5-6 localized keywords for your industry.  Leaving your competition in the dust.  How many searchers will go beyond the first page of search results for what they typed in?  When did you ever go beyond the 1st page search results when you’re searching for a product or service locally?


  • The GOAL here is get you 6-8 preferred rankings on Google’s 1st page results for 10-12 localized keywords for your industry.  ALL your competition WILL BE PUSHED to page 2 of Google’s organic results.  Your competition will be pushed so far back that EVERYONE searching in YOUR CITY for services that you provide will be clicking on DIFFERENT web properties that we built that will ALL lead back to you!
  • Get involved now before next 30 Clients sign up, and your pricing will be grandfathered for 5yrs, regardless of how much pricing changes for New Clients each year!


  • No one can guarantee results, and you can see the great results from our Customer Testimonials Page and New Customers will contact you within weeks.  3-6wks to get the phone ringing.  You can cancel anytime w/ no risk!
  • We will only select your business if there is enough search volume for your services in your major city to give you massive results.  Need search volume of at least 500/mth for main localized keyword, average sale amount of $100 or more and be in a city w/ population of 150k or more people.
ONLY ONE Client will be selected in a specific category of business for each city that they service their Customers in. You can choose to be Our Client or become our Competition in your city. NO COMPETITION ONLINE.  PERIOD!

Here is a List of Categories of Businesses in Cities that are already taken (Sorry…):

Toronto ON, Canada

  • Handyman Contractor
  • Drywall Contractor
  • Pastries, Cakes, Etc
  • Merchant Account Services
  • Carpet Cleaners Services
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Deck & Fence Contractor
  • Video, Editing Productions

Dundas, ON Canada

  • Yoga Classes, Instructor
  • Massage Therapy

Belleville, ON Canada

  • Computer Repair & Computer Networking

Campbellville & Milton, ON Canada

  • Music School – Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Singing Lessons

Perth & Smith Falls, Reideau Lake Area, ON Canada

  • Handyman

Cultus Lake, BC

  • Cultus Lake Cottage & Cabin Rentals

*list updated Nov.11, 2009