Merchant Processing

The ability to process or accept debit and credit cards is essential in this economy to generate increased sale revenue.  Every business needs Merchant Processing.  There are different types of Merchant Processing solutions that are suitable for different business models.

Not all merchant processing companies are created equal.  Compare this with other companies- Happy Customers.  What happens after you buy?  When you have a problem then?  Over 3 Dozen Customer Reviews on our level of excellence.  See for yourself that no other company can compare when connecting you to the Right Merchant Processing for your business with the Right Service and Price.

Are you a traditional storefront business with face to face Customers?credit card swiped on dollar sign graphic

  • Your business will require a debit and credit card terminal to process customer bank and credit cards.   This type of credit card transaction is called “Qualified”, “Swiped” or “Card Present” transactions.
  • There are different types of debit and credit card terminals for different types of retail businesses.  Most businesses only require “Dial-UP Terminals”.
  • Extremely high volume businesses need Hi-Speed Internet terminals referred to as “IP Terminals”.
  • Businesses that need a payment terminal to be mobile within a location needs a “Wi-Fi Terminal”.
  • Full mobile businesses require “Cellular Terminals”.
  • There are debit only terminals for low margin per sale items, with low average sale amounts who want a terminal without credit card acceptance.  One can always add credit card acceptance at a later date.

Are you selling products or services through your website?

Your Business will require E-Commerce Merchant Processing.   Credit card transactions processed through a website are called “Non-Qualified” or “Mid-Qualified” , or “Non Card Present” transactions.

Are you an Office- Based or Home- based company that doesn’t have face to face customers?

Your Business will require PC & Internet Merchant Processing, also called a Virtual Terminal.  Credit card transactions processed through this system are called  “Non-Qualified” or “Mid-Qualified” , or “Non Card Present” transactions.


For any Merchant Processing application, every provider will match your credit worthiness (or if your credit profile might result in a decline for a few reasons that you know about, then that of a Co-Signer who can own zero percent of your company) with the profile of the estimates for your business in the areas of:

1  Average Sale Amount per transaction/ Customer

2  Estimated Annual Sales

3  Type of business

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