Watch Out for ONE PAGE Contracts!

There are some companies now that have 1-2 page contracts that are SIMPLE and NON-THREATENING.

Watch out for these.

What you don’t see is the fine print- that says that if you sign on this simple contract, then you will be agreeing to the book of terms that they will send you AFTER your merchant account service is up and running (after the fact).

Normally merchant account agreements are 10-20 pages depending on the type of service. It is the same information repeated over and over. A few pages for each company that provides the following: hardware, debit processing, credit card processing and financing agreement for the hardware equipment.

Paperwork varies with what type of processing you need for your type of business.

You want to see what the terms are. Don’t let some companies alleviate your headache of paperwork. Paperwork is needed for everything. Just ask a professional to go through it with you. Ask questions.


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