Online Business Trends That WILL Affect Your Business!

It’s 2008 and your potential customers are not the same as just a few years ago. They have Google and cellphones that have internet access.

They are smarter and have quick access to dozens of choices for any particular product or service. Making a business’ fight for attention tougher and tougher.

Start small.
Get local online listings.
Write in a blog once a week.
Get a website, which is your business card, online catalogue and order center all wrapped into one.
Put up a few YouTube videos explaining what you do and how you do it better than others.
A Facebook fan page where you encourage family, friends, staff, suppliers, business associates, existing customers, new customers, and potential customers to visit.
A MySpace fan page doing the same.I have been blessed to be surrounded by a handful of best friends who are absolute geniuses in their areas of expertise.
One of them, Matthew Hunt is an online business marketing and development genius.

Matt is on a warpath to helping business owners understand the impact of the internet to their specific businesses, and more importantly how to aggressively take advantage of the changes.

Here’s an amazing article he wrote on how mobile phone technology will change how consumers shop FOREVER! The far reaching implications to business owners are staggering!


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