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Dear Canada Payment Processing: I would like to express my sincere thanks and regards, for the professional and friendly service for our merchant terminal inquiry, the whole process took almost a week, and your support after receiving the terminal is remarkable, again allow me to express my thanks and regards, I am impressed.  Thank you.

Bassam Abdallah, Granite & Marble Creations (WINDSOR, ONTARIO)

After talking to banks and getting no where, I sent a email to Dat who called within a hour, and he explained all the different options.  This in turn made me realize that the (OTHER COMPANY) ‘s were selling me stuff I did not need.  They were actually getting me to buy more then one system.  I kept thinking, “Wow this is so expensive!”, until speaking with Dat.  Anyhow, bottom line Dat really helped me make the best decision, I was set up in a week, training was simple.


I got turned down by my bank for merchant services and decided to look elsewhere for help.  I called Dat and he was confident he could get me setup with little difficulty.  He asked me some questions and did all the hard work for me.   I was approved shortly afterward.  No pains or troubles and most importantly, a BETTER RATE than from the Bank I got turned down. If you need merchant services, look no further. Call CanadaPaymentProcessing.com!


I’d like to say that the process was extremely efficient. For my convenience everything was executed via email and fax which really worked for me. I am especially impressed with the effort that was made to ensure that the package was delivered somewhere safe for pick up based on the fact that no one would be at the business on delivery. I was also very shocked that the package arrived on the date promised. Though Canada Payment Processing facilitated the application process, it was made very clear that the line of communication does not have to end there; they have made themselves available in case of any escalation issues and have been a wonderful help throughout the entire process. Excellent Customer Service!!! I would definitely recommend Canada Payment Processing to others.

Andrea H., Shampoo and Carwash and Detailing Inc. (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

Dat To:
After looking around for payment processing terminals Canada Payment Processing was amongst the leaders in rates, equipment and online information we were looking for.  After talking to you personally, you were very upfront from the beginning with the least amount of hassle.  The process to set up with you was handled efficiently and quickly. You recommended the best equipment and services for our particular business, you were very upfront about all of your fees and rates and made sure we knew all we needed to know in advance.  Being in the service industry it was really nice to find someone who gave us this level of outstanding customer service.  The professionalism was phenomenal. The approval was quick, we received our credit card terminal within a few days and it was all set up and ready to use.  We just had to plug it in.  It was so convenient. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the hard work that you did to set up our merchant account for us and to make this process as easy as possible.  Thanks.

Bobbi-Jo Slipp, Skana Slipp and Sherri Russell. Salon Trinity (FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK)

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks Dat.  I dread setting up new technology as if something can go wrong – it does.  This process was seamless from start to finish.  All my questions were answered in a timely fashion.  You helped me to identify the best set up for our business.  You were in touch with me before I had a chance to think about the next question.  Such service is rare in this day and age. It is particularly rare when dealing with business over the internet.  Again Thanks.

Patricia Carriere, Big Bay General Store (WAIRTON, ONTARIO)

As a new retail business owner I contacted my bank and CanadaPaymentProcessing.com to set up a merchant account.  Dat responded quickly and his rates were excellent. Dat had my merchant account set up before my own bank managed to call me back.  The process was simple and everything was delivered on time and exactly as promised. I have no hesitations recommending this payment processing service to others.

Joan W., Island Inkjet (ST.ALBERT, ALBERTA)

We had been turned down without any help from several other companies before talking to Dat from CanadaPaymentProcessing.com.  Not only did he tell us what we had to change on our website in order to be accepted, he helped us through every step of the way, and the total service charges are only about a third of what the other companies were quoting for E-Commerce Processing. Thank you!

Jean-Francois Diotte, The Supreme Matrix (SHEDIAC, NEW BRUNSWICK)

Please accept my sincere appreciation to Canada Payment Processing and especially Dat To for the quick, professional and friendly service in assisting us with the application and approval process for our Merchant Account. The follow-up support and ongoing updates each stage of the process during and after approval was first class and greatly appreciated. I will definitely recommend your services to others. A job well done.

Terry L. R., iVision Technologies Inc. (SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

You have been so wonderful and helpful to me Dat.  When I was dealing with you I felt as if I was your only client and you gave me excellent service as well as outstanding respect. The credit card processors are very fortunate to have you.  Best wishes to you.

Lorna Hoeg, Brides Haven (AMHERST, NEW BRUNSWICK)

Dat matched (OTHER COMPANY)’s competing offer. Not only that, he explained ALL the fees and ALL my options, and let me decide. (OTHER COMPANY) had a simple 3 page application, much simpler than Dat’s, but the fine print on (OTHER COMPANY)’s application said that after signing, I would be agreeing to other terms and would get that by special request or after I agreed to them. I would rather give Dat my business because he told me first, without haggling or negotiating. I love that because I hate shopping around, I have more important things to do.  I would recommend his payment processing services to other business owners looking to put more money in their pockets and get top notch advice in a very confusing industry.

David Cvetkovic, Subway Sandwich Franchisee (RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO)

This is the first time I had signed up for a payment processing service and was unsure about how to go about that.  On a friend’s suggested I contacted Dat To, and I am thankful for this recommendation!  Dat was very prompt, helpful and honest, showing me exactly what the rates and fees would be in advance.  The set-up was simpler than I had thought and I now wish that I would have done this much sooner!

Crystal H., Simply Modest (GRANTON, ONTARIO)

Dat’s service and support are excellent!  Many entrepreneurs will agree that few people care as much about your business and the needs of that business as you do; Dat, and the merchant services he provides show that he is one of these few. I am happy to recommend his merchant services to other business owners.

Chris B., RingRepairRelax.com (ST.MARY’S, ONTARIO)

Thank you Dat for all of the help and especially for the quick and wonderful service you gave us.  Many of us who work with the public and strive to give our best to our customers appreciate it when we are given the same level of service from our suppliers. We would not hesitate to recommend you and CanadaPaymentProcessing.com to anyone looking for a debit terminal and we will freely pass your email address on to them.  Again thank you, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Marlene S. and Chrystal H., Deer Valley Lottery (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

I wanted to say thanks for everything that you did for our business Dat.  You are the best!  We so appreciate your continual customer service, the best we have ever received anywhere and it has been an extreme pleasure doing business with you. We would recommend your services to anyone looking to open a merchant account.  You have been such a huge help through all of this and we will definitely keep in touch.  Thanks again for all of your hard work on our account.

Elaine Pereira, EdgesOfReality.com (HAMILTON, ONTARIO)

I found CanadaPaymentProcessing.com after numerous applications for Merchant Services with the big companies.  I applied with (OTHER COMPANY)and after a 7 day waiting period, got approved.  The catch: (OTHER COMPANY) wanted a $48,000 security deposit held for one year.  Obviously dissatisfied with this and not willing to tie up large amounts of cash I applied with my bank, (ANOTHER COMPANY). This was a nightmare from the rude sales person to the apparent “break” they’re giving us for being an existing client.  (ANOTHER COMPANY) approved us after another 7 days.  The “break” they were giving us: they only required a $35,000 security deposit but wanted it tied up for 2 years, at which point they would reevaluate to see if I could get my money back.  When I finally found Dat To online he returned my call quickly, and was able to explain why we are getting abused by these large companies.  We were approved within 2 days with $0 security deposit and the credit card machine was shipped immediately. As an owner of a service oriented business myself, I highly recommend CanadaPaymentProcessing.com to anyone looking for merchant services.

James Gaida, Fitness Together Franchisee (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

We as the owners of MC Fitness and Spa Inc would like to thank CanadaPaymentProcessing.com for keeping our business operational.  We were using a point of sales provider with (OTHER COMPANY) for the last 4 years while establishing our business foundation.  We recently applied to upgraded to a newer wireless terminal and was declined due to our lack of credit after being with them for 4 years and paying their fees on time.  They even turned off our point of sales terminal.  We were in such shock that they would even decline us after we had been paying their high rates for over 4 years, suffered a tremendous business loss and our company was almost destroyed and we needed to find a solution fast.  When we found Dat, he was upfront and honest about the steps we needed to take to acquire a new provider of merchant services.  It didn’t take us long once we got the ball rolling and had a new provider established. We are even in pursuit of an online merchant account due to the growth of our business.  Thanks Dat we couldn’t have done it without you.  All the Best,

Phil Smith, MC Fitness and Spa Inc (SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Thank you, You’re an awesome company to deal with I was very pleased at the high quality service you give to all business owners not just the high value. You are giving a chance to business owners that are starting out and have the drive to be successful.  Unlike (OTHER COMPANY) who was not willing to help us even though we had been in business with them for 3 years, always paid on time, never had any late payments, or problems but they were unwilling to help us out in our new business endeavour.  Totally recommend everyone to use CanadaPaymentProcessing.com -much more business friendly and I am sure I will have the same results from my clients in dealing with you.  Thank you for your fast, accurate, polite, great customer service skills in dealing with our business needs.  I can’t say enough about how pleased we are to be dealing with such a great company and it all started with you Dat.  Looking forward to our future with you.

Rajinder Barar, Prince George Driving School (PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

After going through some problems with(OTHER COMPANY), I was looking for other merchant service companies, when I came across Canada Payment Processing.  The transition was smooth and after a week of being approved we received the machine.  Dat was easy to deal with and explained everything very well. I would definitely like to recommend Canada Payment Processing to other businesses that are looking for easy, hassle free service.

Supriya Oberoi, Top Tech Unlimited Motors (RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

I spent quite a bit of time looking into our best options for a debit/credit machine and talked to a lot of people including various dealers and Dat To was by far the most knowledgeable and informative of anyone I talked to.  Not only was he up front about all the possible hidden fees, but he was also quick to respond to any and all of my emails. I would certainly recommend CanadaPaymentProcessing.com to anyone looking to buy or lease a debit/credit machine.

Brad Copeland, Cove Apparel Company (BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

We were paying 3.75% with (OTHER COMPANY) for over 10yrs, and CanadaPaymentProcessing.com immediately reduced our Visa & Master card rates to 1.85%.  No negotiations, no hassles.  Just gave us that rate from the beginning.  Dat gave us all his fees upfront- no surprises like other vendors we’ve had.  He didn’t try to sell or convince us, he just answered our questions, and got us what was best suited for us. We do a lot of volume each month that the savings from switching from the bank was enormous! The helpdesk was a huge help also because we have so many employees (and lots of newbies all the time), so we had to call the helpdesk often.  They were very helpful each time.  Dat’s service and level of professionalism is excellent and I highly recommend him to any business owner who likes things simple and frustration free .

Renda Abdo, 7 West Café, Wish Restaurant, and Straight Bar & Lounge (DOWNTOWN TORONTO, ONTARIO)

Dat was the first one I got a hold of when I was in need of a debit card terminal (with credit card acceptance).   His pricing seemed too good, and after checking out a few of his competitors I found out his pricing was GREAT.  Dat has always been very professional & helpful.  I would have saved time & aggravation if I just went with CanadaPaymentProcessing.com right from the start.  I truly recommend the best after trying the rest. Thanks for all your help Dat.

Peter LeBlanc, Onslow Market (CENTRAL ONSLOW, NOVA SCOTIA)

Thank you Dat for checking in with me…all is going well with the new business, and thanks to you, I am saving hundreds of dollars per year with my current debit machine…Thank You again Dat.

Lynn Wood, Lynn’s Canaan Country Take-Out (COLES ISLAND, NEW BRUNSWICK)

I enjoyed working with Dat To.  He was very helpful and considerate. The process was very fast and efficient; and the merchant services rates were very reasonable. I highly recommend CanadaPaymentProcessing.com.

Jenna H., InkToner Source (GRANTON, ONTARIO)

I just wanted to thank you for making the process convenient from beginning to end! I appreciate the work put into our payment processing account and look forward to working with you moving forward.

Adam Hertzman, D4Info (THORNHILL, ONTARIO)

Thank you Dat for your assistance in processing ECLEAN’s merchant services account.  Your quick responses and attentiveness is greatly appreciated.


After trying to find somebody to supply my debit/ credit card terminal, I finally found someone who actually wanted to do business with me.  Thanks Dat!  You were a pleasure to deal with and I recommend that anybody looking should give you a call.

Bob Evans, C&B Auto Repair (SNOW LAKE, MANITOBA)

Canada Payment Processing was an excellent help in getting the [Re: ALTERNATE FUNDING] money we really needed.  The whole transaction was smooth, efficient, and handled in a timely manner.  Once approved, it only took a couple days for our money to be deposited!  Just what we needed!! Our representative, Dat To was very pleasant, and explained everything we needed to know and answered all of our questions.  There were no excuses and no disapproving quotes, they helped us when no one else would!!!

Amelia Shoemaker, NailsTen (CALGARY, ALBERTA)

My dealings with Dat concerning the purchase of the terminal were great.  Dat’s customer service skills in dealing with our problems were FANTASTIC! I highly recommend Dat if you’re in need of a debit/credit card terminal.

Gino S., Terrazzo Ristorante (BRAMPTON, ONTARIO)

Dat To from Canada Payment Processing was able to get us a debit/credit terminal when none of the major banks wanted to help a new small business.  The service we received was wonderful. We would recommend Canada Payment Processing to anyone looking for these payment processing services.  Many Thanks!

Chris and Nansi Long, Armoury Toys and Hobbies (PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

As new business owners, we were at a loss when it came to applying for merchant services.  Our bank recommended a company who would not approve us until we had been in business for at least 3 months.  As our business is retail, it was important to us to have this service available to our customers right away.  We decided to continue our search and that was when we found CanadaPaymentProcessing.com.  From the very start, Dat’s customer service was outstanding.  He stayed in touch every step of the way, explained things in detail and offered better rates than the other guys!  Within 7 days, Dat was confirming our approval and making arrangements to have our equipment delivered to us – we had debit & credit card services available to our customers by our second week in business!  It was a pleasure working with Dat during this process and we highly recommend him to anyone looking to have things made a little easier.

Shannon Marren & Sarah Marren, TigerLily’s Gently Used Clothing (LINDSAY, ONTARIO)

Dat is incredibly knowledgeable in the payment processing industry and has a refreshing honest and direct approach. You know this when you deal with him.

Paul Beatch, Beatch Enterprises (ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Dat was very nice & easy to work with to get the Debit & Credit Machine into my store.  When I couldn`t get the machine set up properly he would get in touch with the right person to help me.  Dat would call me to check in to see if I got it up & running. Dat kept in contact with me over the first few days to make sure that I never had any issues. Thanks Dat it has been pleasant working with you.  I have also referred CanadaPaymentProcessing.com to another shop in town.

Michelle M., Fashionable Fabrics (STRATHMORE, ALBERTA)

Dat is very upfront and direct. He’s very service oriented.

Devon Wills, Vivex Technologies (BRAMPTON, ONTARIO)

Dat To, I would like to express my thanks for all your help in an easy process to help our business and our clients.  I really appreciate the extra detail that you had with me to have this process go through with no hassles.  Great job!! Thank you.

Tamara Zonneveld, Adding Results (SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

It’s real easy dealing with people like Dat, because he speaks plainly, is very clear and precise.

Jim Loizou, Clearly The Best Solutions (TORONTO, ONTARIO)

As a first time user of Point of Sale Terminals and Merchant Services, the learning curve was pretty steep.  Dat To made the process painless and was very prompt in responding to all of my inquiries.  Approval and delivery were just as promised and we’re now up and running.  Thanks Dat.

Randy Joynt, Artspace Inc. (WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you Dat for all the hard work you did on my behalf in obtaining my cellular debit & credit card terminal.  After I received the the device you were always there to help me in the use of it.  I had many questions and you seemed to know the answers.  I found it a pleasure to work with you. I strongly recommend your merchant services.

Ernie Zivny, Elite Taxi (SUDBURY, ONTARIO)

Hello, Dat To.
Thank you very much for your services!
We are completely and utterly pleased by your excellent customer service regarding all aspects of setting us up as a new merchant. You are extremely knowledgeable, very thorough in all details and wonderfully courteous. We enjoyed dealing with you, you’ve helped our business a great deal! We hope that you will do very well in whatever the future might bring, you do deserve it.

Anne & Harold Grindl, FIM Manufacturing Inc. (NANOOSE BAY, BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Dat is great at following up with you.  He says that he’ll call next tues . at 2pm, and he does! I don’t know why most business people don’t work this way.

Matthew Hunt, Collective Sales Force (TORONTO, ONTARIO)
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