Watch Out for Single Supplier Quotes

Every payment processing company has a range of products to suite different businesses. From debit machines, to credit card machines, to IP terminals, to Wireless terminals that are not Cellular/GPRS, to GPRS Cellular (wireless) terminals for debit only or w credit card processing, to E-Commerce credit card processing, to PC & Internet processing from any computer, to phone authorisation processing from any phone.

You know as a business owner and especially as a consumer that not every single one company can have the best in services and pricing for every single product offering.

Each company has one product with the quality, service and pricing that is better than the competition. The rest of their line may be mediocre.

Just keep this in mind when talking to representatives of service providers. Remember that most Agents for these payment processing providers only have one provider, so of course their only option is to provide what they only have.

Look for a professional who can assess your specific business needs, give you a one source stop for 4-5 providers and can structure your paperwork so that you will have a breeze at approval.


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